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Civil Projects

TDI Engineering, LLC has completed a wide variety of civil engineering projects. These projects include both commercial and multifamily site plans as well as commercial and residential platting. Our diverse experience has encompassed the following types of projects:

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Retail Centers
Assited Living
Residential Subdivisions

Residential Subdivisions

Sol Subdivision is a 5.5 acre, 38-lot residential subdivision in East Austin. Sol Subdivision was conceived and developed as part of the City of Austin SMART housing program, and has an ambitious, innovative “green” building component. The neighborhood is designed to be a “zero-net” energy user, with each residence producing as much power as it consumes. This is accomplished through the use of photovoltaic panels on each residence, and energy efficient components, including geothermal wells for heating and cooling.

Sol Subdivision
Austin, Texas

The project consisted of Preliminary and Final Platting of the site, as well as design and permitting of construction drawings for the subdivision improvements, including approximately 0.5 mile of new public roads, water and wastewater utilities, and storm sewers. A detention waiver was obtained from the City of Austin, and water quality is provided by an innovative water quality pond. The Water Quality facility consists of a typical sedimentation chamber, followed by a subsurface infiltration chamber. This system is the first of its kind in Austin, and allows for multiple uses of the site area. In this case, the area above the water quality pond is being landscaped and used as a private “pocket park” for the neighborhood.

Project Data: 5.5 Acre, 38 lot residential subdivision
Architect: KRDB, Inc.
Contractor: Beck-Reit and Sons, Ltd.

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