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Structural Projects

TDI Engineering, LLC has provided structural engineering services for a wide range of local and national clients. From small additions to grand-scale construction, we offer superior service for every design we produce. Our diverse experience has included the following types of projects:

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Office Buildings
Retail Centers
Industrial Facilities
Storage Facilities
Assisted Living
Educational Facilities
Government / Military
Specialty Service Centers


TDI has experience with projects on Military bases around the United States. Projects have included on base Retail and Fuel facilities, Barracks Buildings, Operations Facilities, Medical and Dental Clinics, and Physical Fitness Facilities. TDI is familiar with the special structural criteria required by the Unified Facilities Criteria such as Force Protection and Antiterrorism and Progressive Collapse requirements. We have worked with design teams and contractors to provide products that the Core of Engineers and other Owners have welcomed.

Brigade Combat Team Complex 1
Combat Operations Facilities (COF) &
Unaccompanied Enlisted Public Housing (UEPH)
Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas

For the UEPH TDI was able to reduce the cost of the original structural design that mixed structural steel and light gauge metal joists. TDI designed built-up light gauge column and beam members to replace all of the structural steel which removed an entire trade from the project and eliminated the lengthy timeline for the production of steel shop drawings. TDI also utilized proprietary metal studs with oversized punched holes to reduce the total weight of material used on the project while maintaining adequate strength, and provided ample flexibility for plumbing and electrical routing.

For the COF TDI was asked to utilize the exterior metal studs and a concrete skin to proved structural support for the roof and mezzanine. The concrete skin helps to protect troops from small arms fire while providing additional strength to the metal studs. The studs and concrete skin were cast on the slab and tilted into place. By combining the concrete and metal studs, TDI was able to reduce the traditional process of furring out the concrete walls inside of traditional concrete tilt panels to a one step process that utilized fewer materials. This had the additional benefit of placing smaller loads on the foundation which allowed the foundation and associated costs to also be reduced.

Project Data: 33 Barracks Buildings and 39 Operations Facilities
Construction Type: Light Gauge Framing and Load Bearing Composite Concrete and Light Gauge Panels
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Light Gauge Contractor: Diversified Interiors

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