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Light Gauge Services

Have TDI work for you. Get more Jobs. Make more profit.

TDI is a structural engineering firm that specializes in Light Gauge design and construction.

TDI has extensive knowledge and experience with many different types of light gauge projects:

  • Hotels
  • Barracks - example
  • Single and multi story storage facilities
  • Office building
  • Warehouses
  • Combat Operations Facilities (COFs) - example
  • Composite panels, light gauge with concrete face
  • Schools and Daycares


As part of your subcontractor team TDI offers a variety of services to match your needs.

TDI tailors the level of detail to your preferences and job requirements.

If you are the general contractor or have teamed with a general contractor to bid a design-build project, TDI can work as part of the pre-bid design team. TDI has extensive knowledge and experience with the design of foundations, structural steel, concrete, etc. in addition to extensive experience with light gauge.

Why team with TDI?

  • TDI can provide a quick and accurate preliminary design that will allow you to reduce your bid amount. If a project is design-build why bid the plans when they are overly conservative? Your competitors aren’t. Many engineers of record don’t fully understand light gauge design or detailing and so drawings that the general contractor puts out for bid can be value engineered. We evaluate each project and find ways to reduce the total project cost so that our team is the winning team. We use our knowledge and experience to help you provide a more accurate cost estimate with less variance from final design. By having a TDI preliminary design you will be able to provide the general contractor with a secondary bid based on a less conservative design. With TDI working for you, you will be the low bidder more often, without lowering your margin.

  • TDI will establish a relationship with you and work to reduce your construction costs. TDI is constantly using the field experience of its clients to update details to reduce the total material, labor and time costs. As we work on more projects together we will help you realize greater efficiency and avoid costly details.

  • TDI has engineers that are excellent at communicating to all parties. We are personable and are conscious of the relationships between all parties. You don’t need an engineer on your team that creates friction with the Engineer of Record or with the Corps of Engineers or similar jurisdictional authority. You need an engineer that pushes your case firmly while not destroying relationships that you have cultivated.

  • TDI answers questions directly. If we don’t have an answer we quickly research the issue and provide a practical and cost conscious answer; not just something that works, but something that works and does not cost a fortune.

  • TDI doesn't supply materials and therefore has no incentive to specify expensive products or overdesign corrections. If you are currently using Clark, Dietrich, or similar for design services, hire TDI to find out how much you can save. Hire someone that has your interests in mind.

You may feel that your current engineering solution is able to cover the above items, in which case TDI's final benefit comes into play. TDI provides great service for a great value.

Call or e-mail TDI to request a proposal for your next project and to find out what services you have been missing.


TDI helps secure work:

TDI provides professional services that are second to none. We have had the opportunity to participate in design assist projects throughout the Southwestern United States and with TDI on board as a reputable and proven engineering firm we have been able to establish the DI/TDI team as a formidable “been there done that” team.

- Drew Hawley, Estimator / Project Manager, Diversified Interiors, Inc.

TDI helps increase profitability:

Working with TDI has increased profitability on both design assist and hard bid jobs because of TDI’s willingness to go the extra mile to find out what both meets the owner’s criteria while at the same time allowing us to possibly steer design in areas that will afford us as the contractor a competitive advantage.

- Drew Hawley, Estimator / Project Manager, Diversified Interiors, Inc.

TDI is on your side:

TDI’s response time is first class and second to none. You seldom deal with organizations that literally drop everything they are doing to make sure their client is taking care of.

- Drew Hawley, Estimator / Project Manager, Diversified Interiors, Inc.

TDI finds answers:

Several of the jobs we have had the opportunity to work on in the past few years have incorporated several different cladding systems into one finished product which has made for some pretty significant challenges in getting everything to “work” right. TDI has always stepped up in the most professional manner and provided not only effective but cost savings measures when confronted with numerous field corrections that invariably happen in the field.

- Drew Hawley, Estimator / Project Manager, Diversified Interiors, Inc.

Examples of how TDI can make the difference:

  • A nationally known general contract on a military design-build project has been awarded the job but is shopping the light gauge framing. You know you are competing against 1 or 2 other light gauge contractors. How do you get the job? By having TDI review the engineer of record drawings you find out that the openings with glass are over engineered for blast and you can eliminates one of the two heavy studs and associated connections at each side of every window. Your bid to the contractor is one number for the provided drawings and a reduced number for the TDI redesign. You aren’t the low bidder on the provided set of drawings but your bid based on the TDI design is the lowest. The GC gives you the contract because ultimately the GC wants to make the most money possible.

  • You have an established relationship with a general contractor and you have an agreed on price for a job. By having TDI value engineer the drawings you reduce the gauge of the studs and number of fasteners in each connection. Your savings are significantly greater than TDI’s engineering fees, resulting in increased profit.

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